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Every business starts with just an idea. However, if you act and turn that idea into a call of action—rest assured that you’ll be able to transform it into a profitable company. The business industry is usually large and complex, with lots of aspiring entrepreneurs trying to climb into the top.

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Team Coaching and Business development from The Vivacious Executive Coaching Team

Great Ways To Improve Your Team Moral

Are you the leader, manager, or employer of a team? Are you in charge of running the office and making sure everyone gets their work done? If so, then you definitely have a tough job. Because being a leader is much more than just having skills in your given profession. It’s about being versatile and assertive as well.

So, if you have been noticing a lack of morale in your team, it might be time for a few changes. And to help you get the results you are looking for, here are some great ways to use The Vivacious to improve your team morale.

1. An Open Line Of Communication

Let’s be honest, this isn’t a preschool and nobody needs to be fed a bottle. Everyone on the team is an adult with logical thoughts and feelings. And this means you stand to gain a lot from their input.

But allowing your team to openly share ideas and communicate their opinions will more than just benefit the productivity of the office. It will also make them feel more invested in the cause. In other words, letting them speak their mind is going to naturally boost their morale.

So, invite them to be creative and actually listen when they pitch an idea. It doesn’t mean you have to use it, but entertaining the idea and providing solid reasons for not using it will make your team focus harder.

2. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

When you hire an accountant, you expect them to do their job well, seeing as you are paying for their service. Basically, the payment you give them should be rewarding enough for the work they do.

But when you lead a team things tend to work a little differently. Of course, the salary should justify the job team members are doing. However, morale can’t really be bought with money. You need to wake it up inside your team members through acknowledgment.

That’s right, a simple “good job” and “thanks for the great work” every now and again is going to boost your team morale more than you anticipate.

3. Lead By Example

One of the best ways you can boost morale and actually keep it there is to lead by example. In other words, if you ask the team to work late, they should know that you’ll be working late with them. If you want them to come in early, be the first one there when they arrive.

Show your team that you take your responsibilities very seriously, even though have more than enough rope to come in later and leave a little earlier than everyone else.

4. Handle Issues Immediately

As much as you hope to avoid it, office politics will always creep in somewhere. And when it does, you need to address it directly and objectively.

The longer you wait, the worse the problem is going to get. But how exactly is this tied to boosting team morale? It shows that you are involved and that you care. A team needs a leader that won’t just look at the professional side of things when the situation calls for it.

5. Implement Incentives

Another great way to get team members excited is to implement a type of incentive. For example, the employee of the week gets to leave early on Friday. Or, they get something special to take home.

The incentive doesn’t have to be big, and just like with basic acknowledgment, it takes very little to make team members feel more positive about the roles they play.

6. Team Building Exercises

Who says team morale needs to happen inside the office? As you are reading this, there are many things you can do outside the office in order to increase team morale.

And take note that the activity should be fun and exciting. Escape rooms are pretty popular, but it’s just a suggestion and serves as the perfect example. Team members have to work together in a relaxed setting, which means they get to know each other a little better.

There are many creative ways you can improve team morale, and you are only limited by your imagination. Use the above-mentioned tips to start with and see where it goes.

Is Digital Marketing Important For Local Businesses In 2018?

Is Digital Marketing Important For Local Businesses In 2018?

When it comes to digital marketing, you might think it is something that is only used by global corporations that have multi-million pound online promotional budgets. In reality, however, digital marketing is something that is very powerful and affordable for businesses of all sizes. In this short article, we will briefly outline some of the ways in which a few aspects of digital marketing can benefit local businesses.

Local SEO

Local search results often referred to as geo-targeted search results, are set to become more important than ever for businesses looking to drive targeted organic traffic to their websites. The good thing about local SERP rankings is that the competition is usually limited, so you do not have to spend much time on local SEO strategies to ensure your business website is in the number one position on local SERPs for a range keywords relevant to your business operations. One of the reasons why local search results are becoming more prevalent is because more people are sharing location data with Google by searching the internet on a GPS-enable smartphone.


Many small local businesses know that competition on non-geo-targeted SERPs for lucrative keywords is impossible to beat with a limited marketing budget. Fortunately, however, Google enables businesses to buy their way to the top of SERPs with sponsored PPC ads. So, while you might not be able to outrank one of your large competitors in organic results, you can buy some PPC ads from Google to ensure you still get visibility on SERPs and hopefully traffic to your website. Keep in mind that there are other online search engines in operation and it may be beneficial to buy a few PPC ads on those platforms as well.


Social media marketing (SMM) is something that local businesses can use to maximize online visibility. On Facebook, for example, you can target sponsored posts to particular demographics. This means if you run a business serving the North East of England, you can target your advertising campaign to people who live in that region. This means you don’t have to waste money paying for ads to be displayed to people that will never be able to buy anything from your business even if they wanted to because of their overseas location. Targeted advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter makes it possible for a business to get much better results from all paid advertising campaigns.

Video Marketing

Many local businesses do not realize that video marketing should be a big part of any online promotional campaign in 2018. The truth is that video marketing is incredibly powerful and can bring about some very good results. You only have to look at how many videos are viewed on YouTube each day to see that online video content is not going away anytime soon. In fact, as network infrastructures around the world improve and more people have affordable access to high-speed internet links with no monthly data caps, it is likely that the demand for video content will grow considerably.

The easiest way to get started with video marketing as a small business is to create a YouTube channel for your business. You can then upload videos to that channel that allow people to learn more about your business and showcase the products and/or services you sell. Make sure you include a link to your business website in the description box of every YouTube upload. Keep in mind that video content can also increase your site’s ranking in SERP, as ranking algorithms place a lot of importance on websites that are full of multimedia content. You can add all the YouTube videos to your business website for free by using the embed tags. The good thing about that is you don’t have to pay for extra storage space and bandwidth from your web hosting provider.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to learn a little bit more about the importance of digital marketing for small local businesses. If you don’t know where to get started when it comes to developing and deploying an effective internet marketing campaign for your own business website, it might be a good idea to hire the services of a good website marketing agency  .You will find hundreds of those agencies in operation online and prices are very competitive.

Business Tips Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Must Know

Starting a business for the very first time takes a lot of courage. There are risks, obstacles, and failure to manage a business that everyone tries to avoid. However, for brave and aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to risk their hard-earned money to start and grow a business, here are the following tips we could offer in order to ensure you are walking the right path to success.


  1. Choose something that you are passionate about

It all starts with the passion. Because if not, you’ll never be able to succeed in anything that you are going to do. Choose something that will make you want to get out of bed and fired up in doing. You don’t need to sell luxury and expensive clothes when all you ever wanted is create pottery and crafts. Once people see how passionate you are about what you are doing, rest assured that you’ll be able to catch their attention and start on the right track.


  1. Start your business while on the job

You don’t need to quit your job to start your own business. Most successful business owners nowadays are working on their management while doing their job. And let’s face it, you can only survive for a short period without a job. Even if you are planning for a profitable side business, it is important that you still have time in doing your job. It will not only hone your skills but will also help you to earn more money in the process, especially if you start generating profit in your business.

  1. Refrain from doing it alone

It is not advisable that you start a business alone. Why? Simply because you can’t manage everything on your own. It doesn’t also mean that you need to find someone who will listen to all your business ideas and pat your shoulders afterward, wishing you good luck.

Find a qualified mentor to help you get started. Or if you have the time and money, join a business start-up program. It will help you to get the right business support that you’re going to need in the long run.


  1. Network

Spread the word about your upcoming business. Look for potential buyers or clients because your business can’t survive without clients. You can start a give away to catch their attention. You don’t need to jump into marketing the soonest. All you need to ensure is that you have clients waiting for you once you launch your products and services.


  1. Create a business plan

Perhaps the most common mistakes of entrepreneurs nowadays are they refrain from writing a business plan unless their investors or the bank ask them for one. It will serve as your basis for managing your business and making sure that each of your business ideas will come into action. A full-scale business plan will also ensure you that you are walking down the right path.


  1. Do your homework

Lastly, do not forget to do your homework. Research as much as you can and make sure that you understand the industry properly. You can also consult the opinion of an expert. Do not delve right into the action without proper knowledge as it can lead to failure. You can also join related industry or other professional associations that can help you better maneuver the business.


Keep these tips in mind when you are starting a business. It can serve as your guide and help you prevent costly mistakes in the process. The business industry is big and complex. However, with the proper knowledge, expert business strategy, and of course, passion—you can succeed. Anyone can.

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