Property Maintenance – Damp Proofing A Home For Better Health in Carlisle

An Experienced and Professional Damp Proofing Company Can Solve All Problems Related to Dampness in a Building

Every building, whether it is a home, an office or other commercial property needs to be comfortable, healthy to live and work in, and free of dampness that can cause unhygienic conditions that lead to poor health. Any hint of dampness requires you to find the right experts to clear this problem, as soon as possible, before it becomes an avenue to the formation of mildew, fungus and other problems that can play hell with the structure as well as affect the people who use that building.

It is necessary to bring in professional proofing contractors who know what is required and have the right solutions for the problems of dampness in any premises. They will know everything there is to know about dampness, it’s likely reasons, and be able to spot the places where this dampness gets into a building, and find ways and means of stopping this ingress and proofing the structure against any future dampness. Dampness in a building an not only affect the health of its users or residents but also lead to deterioration of equipment, fittings and furniture. Dampness getting into electrical circuits can lead to a real danger from shocks and lead to electrocution.

Carlisle Damp Proofing companies must have trained and qualified technical hands who have a skill in identifying the sources of dampness before they go forward to suggest any solutions for damp proofing. They need to have a professional approach that can help to eradicate the problem, effectively, speedily and at an affordable price. They must show expertise in diagnosing the problem, identify the defects in the building that is causing the dampness, and come up with recommended solutions, and formulas for damp proofing that give their customers the service that they are looking for.

Dampness has a number of causes and a common misconception is dismissing as condensation that can turn overactive in the wet season. It then leads to a wrong diagnosis that leads to a neglect of the problem. Good damp proofing companies will examine gutters for leaks, leaks from concealed plumbing, defects in the roofing, will check ventilation outlets, and study the water table outside the home to detect the right causes for dampness.

Water can even penetrate solid walls or areas of a building that are defective. Damp proofing companies should be able to detect all these possible sources and suggest repair methods that can eliminate the problem. Higher levels of ground outside a property, especially basements, can lead to its walls becoming damp. Every building needs to have a proper damp proofing course at plinth level, that acts as a barrier for any water that comes into walls through capillary action from the soil below grade. Where groundwater levels are high around a building, they need a proper system of drains to ensure that the water does not touch vulnerable parts of the structure and its foundations.

Most damp proofing contractors are called in for remedial work when the property starts suffering from dampness, but they are also useful people to have around when you are first constructing the building. They will inspect the site, look at groundwater levels, drainage and runoff conditions and suggest things like French drains, waterproofing of foundations, the use of waterproof layers and other means to resist dampness in the future. They can suggest simple measures like painting walls that are below ground with asphalt, installing damp proof courses at plinth level, sumps and drains in basements, the installation of sump pumps and other measures to prevent dampness.

Experienced contractors in this field will examine each case they are asked to work on as unique, and invariably come up with solutions that are specifically meant for that property.