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Independent / External Study Mode

Independent / External Study Mode is designed for the candidates who either presently have a doctoral degree or hold an academic research background and wish to complete fully independent, non-supervised studies as an external student of the university. Candidates choosing this study mode are self-motivated and extremely well disciplined with a strong sense of academics. The study mode offers the candidate the ability to coordinate with an academic adviser but otherwise provides the candidate with full independence to complete their manuscript under their own schedule while availing themselves of the research resources of the university. Candidates will require a minimum of a research based Master degree as a prerequisite along with a resume background that shows a history of accomplishment within academic, personal and professional life.

All M.Phil. and D.Phil. programs are available to be completed through the Independent – External study mode.

Defense of the Dissertation
All Independent – External students must defend their thesis at the University on campus.

Candidates wishing to enter the Independent – External Study Mode apply to the necessary program indicating the independent studies option. If they are considered eligible with the necessary background to ensure their success they will be accepted into the program. Upon being accepted into the program the candidate is given access to the library resources of the university and may begin their research.

The standard duration for the program is 36 months.

Coursework Requirement
As with the Remote Studies program, Independent-External students must complete both Quantitative and Qualitative research methods, the Academic Writing course as well as the Research Proposal perfecting course.

Program Cost
Please see the tuition page of the the School of Philosophy.